Simple beauty womens

Are you worried that skin changes will affect your beauty during pregnancy?

1. Exercise

We know that exercise is the key to looking good and feeling fabulous.

Parisian women exercise but not so much at the gym, they walk and they climb stairs. Their approach to exercise is more gentle but decidedly regular.

Mixing up the routine is paramount.



2. Eating

Eating the French way is easy; it is about moderation.

French women eat a little bit of a lot and they eat healthily. Less sugar is paramount. Good fats are in and packaged food is out.

The way to glowing skin is about what we consume as well as the products we apply.



3. Make-Up

The less is more approach.

The pale eyes and the red lip or the smoky eyes and a nude lip, never all together.

The red lipstick is a life saviour; French women of all ages have understood that for a very long time.

Face foundations are subtle and shading is a mere glow.

Eyes and lips are the only standouts.



4. Hair

Well cut and slightly messy.

That’s what I notice about the Parisian women’s hair, it is perfect in that non-perfect way.



5. Body

French women all over the country are firm believers in face and body treatments.

The theory is that if the base is the best it can be then the rest is easy.

I suspect that they don’t fret about what they can’t have but rather work on what they can.


Family is a good start!

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